The Panda Fuzz Years

I really don’t know if I’ll be releasing anything through Panda Fuzz again.  However, I released a fair amount through that site.  All of these are available for free download.  Here’s a rundown, from the beginning to the end:

Beau Finley – Grace
This was a mishmash of sketches, ambient tunes, and weird experiments in instrumentalism spawning 2001 through 2004 or 2005.

Beau Finley - Hold On, We're Almost There
Beau Finley – Hold On, We’re Almost There
I put my father on the cover art of this.  It features recordings from 2007 and 2008.  The almost title track was my first foray into synths.  Bob Keal and Nathan McLaughlin did an extraordinary remix of “selling yourself short” which I will post at some point if I can find it.  I admit that the ambient portions have some tension and anger behind them, but the EP wraps up with a pleasant little nostalgic tune “TBiS” which features my best drumbeat, which was completely inspired by Fela Kuti/Tony Allen.

Beau Finley – Refractions of Bladen County

Allegedly, the most creative points of an artist’s life are borne of pain or suffering.  I’m not really an artist, but this EP was created during some upheaval.  I had just been sent to work in Bladen County, North Carolina.  It was quite a challenging time that I spent alone in a very poor and very rural area.  This EP is entirely FM synthesis.

Insect Factory – Blood from the Moon
Insect Factory is an amazing guy out of DC/MD.  He was kind enough to let me try my hand at remixing his unreleased tune.

Beau Finley – Refractions of Bladen County (Chester County Remixes)
Nathan McLaughlin remixed Refractions of Bladen County using purely outboard effects.  I like it. He definitely made it his own.

North American – Empty Nest
This is one of those recordings that just seems to stem from friends who have moved apart still finding common ground.  We recorded this after a number of beers and the Panda Festival of Fuzz in Chevy Chase, MD.  It features banjo, electric, and acoustic guitars and was recorded live using Ableton.

Beau Finley – Adventures in Mass Transit
This is the first of my improvised guitar albums for Panda Fuzz.  It captures my uncertainty, melancholy, boredom and hope during a cold, lonely winter in Raleigh, NC.

Beau Finley – Free Hugs
I moved back to DC in the middle of this EP.  It’s a playful set of improvised and decaying guitar loops.

Beau Finley – Peculiar Ghost
This is by far my darkest and densest set of tracks.  I don’t really recall making any of these tunes except for “Flight” but I only remember that because it was really tough to capture the glitching with the computer being the cause of the glitching.


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