Wrapping Up

Last Thursday, I played a show at the Robinwood Concert House, courtesy of Gabe Beam.  Basshaters played, too.  It was a lot of fun.  Gabe has a beautiful home and is a fantastic host.  It was great meeting a lot of noise folks in Toledo.  They have a pretty cool thing going on.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos or a recording of my set.  Fortunately, I got some video of Basshaters, though, which I will post once I get back to DC.

Saturday, I played in Chicago for the first time at the Hideout.  It’s an awesome little venue in a warehouse district.  Many thanks to Katie Tuten, Tim Tuten, and Ryan Hembrey.  I met Katie and Tim in DC and mentioned I’d be on tour.  It turns out they own the Hideout.  Tim and I had a lengthy discussion on education policy, on which he is an expert and I am a parrot.  Katie and I talked about different social service programs for low-income people.  I met Ryan at the Hideout, where he runs sound.  He is awesome at it, and one of his bands, Typefighter, is playing in DC on Thursday, June 16, at DC9.  Ryan set up a room mic at the Hideout and recorded my set, which is downloadable here.

Also, many thanks to Jeremy in Kalamazoo, and Mark and Kristianne and Marty in Chicago.


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