Geoff Wilt just told me to step up my game

Geoff Wilt’s album Songs of Love & Haste is amazing.  Really.  Acoustic guitar and beautiful words.

Listen via YouTube:
Listen via Muxtape:


Have you ever been in a conversation with friends and realized they are substantially more intelligent (or at least articulate) than you?  Unfortunately, I feel this way routinely.  Most of my good friends are smarter than me, at least I think so.  Musically, however, the number of folks I look up to who I happen to know is much smaller.  Zach Walters is one.  Phil Moore is another.  Geoff Wilt is, as well.  I have played in a band with Geoff.  It was a free jazz band for lack of a better word.  Geoff played drums.  I played guitar.  There were two other great musicians in the band as well.  We were called They Can Never Take Our Crow.  Geoff and I have jammed a fair amount since that band; our opinions, egos, and taste left us bereft of musical agreement as an entity.  But we became friends.  I doubt he’s aware, but I look up to him.  His music (and not just on this EP) is light years beyond mine in complexity and structure.  His writing, which is not yet and may never be public, is evocative, poetic, and deceptively simple.  In other words, Geoff is pretty awesome and I’m incredibly happy this EP is available and that he has been kind enough to release it for free through Fuzzy Panda.


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