A Jungle Construct

Artscape is nearly upon us.  This year, I have two exhibits.  One of the exhibits requires an “artist statement” which usually turns out to be a bit of pretentious rigmarole completely disconnected from the art itself.  When I read artist statements, I want to punch artists.  With mine, I tried to bridge the gap between “pretentious nonsense” and “simple description.”

A Jungle Construct is an audio/visual installation that confounds the limited expectations placed on audio art by making the listening process less passive and more experiential. The installation features 8 channels of integrated audio by Beau Finley, arranged in three dimensions, creating a virtual sonic cube.  Physically, the structure consists of art by Mell Wall and Krissy Downing, who evoke a cozy, whimsical take on nature.

It’s not perfect, but it’s due today.  And I think a reader could guess what the whole thing sort of looks like, generally.


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