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Bandcamp is the bestest

I’ve been uploading some past Fuzzy Panda releases to the new Fuzzy Panda Bandcamp page, and let me tell you, Bandcamp really defeats the need for an actual website.  At least between Facebook, Google +, and Bandcamp, I’m not sure why Fuzzy Panda is bothering with a website.

Regardless, my first (and so far, only) album with lyrics is available for download.  It’s called Os Os and I spent a lot of time on it a few years ago.


wire strike death

I was sitting around my apartment today with nothing really pressing to do.  I’d woken up around noon and spent most of the afternoon napping.  In between fits of sleep, I recorded three keyboard improvisations through a delay pedal and a multieffects pedal.  Here’s the result.

11 minutes. 35 MB zip file.

Here are links to the individual songs:


I recorded the DC doom metal band Forgetting yesterday.  I haven’t recorded a band in a long time, and I was a little impatient with myself and woefully under-equipped for it.  We recorded in a building that housed, up until recently, an unlicensed funeral home.  There is plenty more on the interesting back story to the building and the funeral home shenanigans.

For equipment, we used four cheap microphones and a SM-57 into a FocusRite Saffire Pro 40 connected to a Macbook running Ableton 8.

Here’s a clip of Forgetting.  Play it loud.

Movement & Pattern from Artscape 2011

This is our Kinect hack.

new/old vein

No matter what I may say about any form of music, distorted guitar and loud, heavy drums is what I like most.  For the most part, it’s pure and primal and chaos.  I’ve had a riff sitting in my head for eight years that never made its way into a song.  It’s a solid enough riff that it can be the song.  Anyhow, I wish I had a drummer handy for this sort of thing so I wouldn’t have to resort to drum programming, but voila.  Here it is, the debut sludge song, the straits, from my one man band, Woolly.