Monthly Archives: March 2012

Last Night

I played a show last night.  It was my first predominantly laptop set.  I used publicly available samples from NOAA and then played guitar.  Here’s a brief video from the set.

My set was recorded – I’ll see if I can get my hands on it.



I’d mentioned hydrophones sampling.  Now, the Fuzzy Panda compilation is done.  3 tracks. 20 minutes.  Free download.

The Big Time

Sports fans, rejoice, for I have made it onto a SB Nation blog’s podcast with my music.

My buddy Adam needed a tune and I had one he liked.

If you follow DC United, you should give a listen to this podcast.


Upcoming show benefits puppies

It’s a mostly heavy lineup. I will not be doing something heavy.

March 25, 2012.  Velvet Lounge.  Washington, DC.

March 25th Flyer by Jeffrey Prosser

Flyer by Jeff Prosser (Keep)