Monthly Archives: February 2013


My most recent album came out on January 1st.  I have been terrible at promoting it since then.  So far, it’s the second most downloaded album for Fuzzy Panda since such things began being tracked.  Please, check it out, download it, and feel free to share it with folks who might enjoy it.

Homeless Mind Theory called it one of their favorite albums in the world a month ago, so check it out.


Beatbots is Dead

Beatbots, the Baltimore and sometimes DC music and culture website, is dead.  I wrote for the site from the beginning and through its boom years.  Perhaps even now, I could log in and post one final feature or review.  During law school and a year of unemployment, I wrote frequently for the site.  Absurdity, overlooked gems, the NBA, and musicology were things I covered, like a low budget Pat Collins.

After I found a fulltime job and my band broke up, I lost time and interest.  At the same time, Beatbots grew its Baltimore readership and participation.

Now it’s eight years later and I’d nearly forgotten about the site and the amount of time and effort I invested with many others for no pay.  Beatbots is dead.  RIP Beatbots.

Tom Korp, a long time writer for Beatbots, wrote an obituary of sorts that is worth a read if you want to read a little history or see what not to do with a similar site in the future.


The last review I wrote is an absurdist, thesaurus-diving exercise of a now defunct band, which really ties the room together.

Also, a review I wrote is cited on Wikipedia.  Hilarity.