What’s going on, big world?

I have a couple of shows coming up – one with Destroyer of Worlds (June 8 at Velvet Lounge) and one solo (July 13 at Pyramid Atlantic), which will be the first in over a year.

Last night, as part of a record club I’m in, I made this mix: 1995isms.  It clocks in just under an hour and spans electronic, hip hop, indie rock, jazz, and some other stuff.  Give it a spin if you need some tunes.  All of the samples of the child talking are from Shogun Assassin and were sampled on Liquid Swords.  

Lately, photography has taken a bit more of my spare time than music.  I’d like to do a photo project (is that what it’s even called?) on SW DC.

Music-wise, I’m working on some extra tracks for The Henchman’s War soundtrack, all based on music used in the film.  Also, Jehf Jones (DASTO, Stupid Children) and I are wrapping up our first collaboration under the name Retirement.  I hope both will be wrapped up by June.

If anyone wants to collaborate or book me, let me know!


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