Monthly Archives: August 2013

Airport Mischief

This is a loud, abrasive noise single.  It comes out August 27 and will be free until October 17.  Enjoy.


Two upcoming releases

Jehf Jones (Dasto, Stupid Children, ex-Uphill Battle) and I are pretty much done with our collaborative album under the moniker RETIREMENT.  Now, we’re shopping it around and seeing what happens.  Jehf handled the low end and I handled the high end.  Both of us are really proud of the result, though it’s clearly not for everyone.  I don’t really know how the label thing works, but I guess I’ll learn the rite of rejection soon.

In other news, I dug up some noisy tracks from 2009.  They’ll be out on Fuzzy Panda by the end of the month under the album title Airport Mischief.  Airport Mischief consists of four variations on a very abrasive drone theme.  I recorded the four tracks in 2009, though I don’t really remember what airport.  I had been working in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama that year but also spending some time in Florida toward the end of the year.  I think these tracks are from before my Florida trips and could very well have been made in connecting airports.  I think the possibilities are narrowed to ATL, ORD, CLT, CMH, MGM, and RDU.


I had an idea today to do a split EP with someone of 15 second tracks – 20 each.  That adds up to 10 minutes of music/noise.  Is it a good idea?  I have no idea.  Probably not.  Is it interesting?  Maybe.  Let’s see if I can get someone to take me up on it.

Beau Finley & Dewey Fox – noise improv

Here is part of my set with Dewey Fox at the Dog Daze Fest in DC this past weekend.

Here is the full audio version, recorded by Chris Videll.

new drone box

I made another drone box on Saturday morning. The design is based on two prior synths I built, the TAM-1 (my first homemade synth) and the IK-1 (my second homemade synth that will be going to Ivan Khilko of Immanent Voiceless).