Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Henchman’s War – released!

The film I scored, The Henchman’s War, began playing in DC on Friday.  The Washington Post gave it 3 out of 4 stars and DCist (DC’s biggest blog) also liked it.  I went Saturday to see my name on the big screen.   If you get a chance, go see it!  It plays in DC through Thursday at West End Cinema and then goes to L.A. in November.


Big week

I just returned from a little over a week in central Florida for a vacation.  The vacation consisted of drinking beer, kayaking, seeing some Florida wildlife, hitting an amazing bar in St. Petersburg (The Ale & the Witch), checking out Samsula’s mud racing, drinking more beer, and meeting a zebra.  I met a zebra.

That was pretty cool.  After that, nothing should be able to get me down, right?  Not even a return to the daily drudgery of work.  So far, so good.  In music news, I returned to find that my soundtrack for The Henchman’s War has received a lot of play.

Hooray for happy unexpected happy surprises.