Monthly Archives: January 2014

Leaving the city for a little while

It’s winter in DC.

That’s another picture I could take a million times and it would never be the same.  But that will always be the case, especially with snow.  The city is freezing these days.  It’s time to head somewhere warm.


Ghosts of the Underground

I could take this photo 100 times and it would turn out different every time.  Different people in the reflections.  Maybe there would be no train passing mine.  I’d need the window seat again.  I don’t think I’d line up next to a bench and take this particular photo at this particular station.  Maybe without that sign, the reflection of the woman across from me would not be visible.

It’s winter and I feel like a ghost.

Everyday, part 2

I see this Metro station everyday.


I see this Metro station twice every work day.