Monthly Archives: February 2014


At a fish market, I guess you need to boast.


Mind on the weekend

I am playing a concert in Brooklyn this Saturday.  It should be fun.  I’ll likely make a new synthesizer for the show.  If you’re in New York and want to experience some avant garde experimental music, come by and grab a beer with me.

Staring at the sun

I am fascinated by light.  It is simultaneously a resource and a challenge in photography.  On Saturday, a friend and I went out to take pictures.  I showed up a half hour early, which may be a first for me.  My pre-punctuality had a price: I left my DSLR’s battery charging in my kitchen.  I walked over to Penn Camera and bought a replacement battery and asked them to start charging it.  They obliged.  I had planned on buying a spare battery, so things sort of worked out.  My friend met me at a bar where we fortified ourselves with cider and rum for the sojourn ahead.  I grabbed my new battery and we were off.  4 pm in late winter at this latitude means a steady stream of long shadows.  We found a freight train stopped to allow a passenger train to pass it.  We walked through the brutalist concrete jungle that passes for the federal government near L’Enfant Plaza.  Then, we wandered south to the water and caught the dwindling dusk light among crowds at DC’s iconic fish market.  It was a beautiful day.


I asked this man if I could take his picture while he was working.  He asked why.  I didn’t really have a good response.

Not the blue sky I expected

The hike to Mount Britton Tower was more tiresome than it should have been.  It was colder, too.  The palm forest lay in fog.  Most of the trail was slick stone and cement and the rest, a short stint, gravel road.  On my way back down, the grey broke not for sun, but for a thicker cloud, rendering the sky a lovely misty blue.

Silhouettes of Strangers

There is a long and gentle grassy hill leading up to the road that takes you to Castillo San Felipe del Morro.   Many men were killed on those green fields during attempts to take San Juan from the Spanish.   Now, you can take photos of people with a beautiful background of clouds.

Tripping the Light Fantastic

I have always been enamored with natural light in photographs.  It’s an uncontrollable continuous event that cannot be harnessed, only borne.

Falling in love with everywhere

I am back from the warmth of the Caribbean.  I miss it already, but I always miss wherever I go.