Over the past few months, I’ve had a few wonderful opportunities come my way.  The first is writing and taking photographs for the vibrant new DC website DC Focused.  There, I started a series called Drink City (cross-posted on Prince of Petworth) about the growing drinking culture in DC.  This series mostly consists of interviews with and portraits of bartenders.  With Drink City, I avoid silly shock pieces about “worst customers” or “worst bartender stories” and clickbait like “10 best hangover cures.”  I’m interested in how these folks got started, what they enjoy about their jobs, and changes they have seen and changes would like to see in DC’s drinking culture.

I’ve also begun selling photographs on Fine Art America.  These photographs are available as prints, framed or not, and on a variety of merchandise, including tote bags and iPhone covers.  While I do not expect this to be a significant source of income, I hope I can offset some of my equipment purchases and provide some folks with a photograph or two that speaks to them.

In addition, I’ve begun a number of photographic projects while continuing some others.  My projects include the DC Metro, commuters, certain storefronts, and the southwest quadrant of DC.

In terms of music, Fuzzy Panda Recording Company has enough upcoming releases that I’m almost overwhelmed with being busy.  This administrative side of a record label, even a small one, is the least interesting thing I could be doing with my spare time.  The FACE-EATERS OF HONG KONG will be releasing their debut EP shortly.  Fuzzy Panda will release a drone compilation, featuring Timmy Sells His Soul, Immanent Voiceless, Katoendrato, Tag Cloud, and others.  We hope to re-release the Doogie’s EP Out from 2005 or so, as well as music from The Prisoner’s Dilemma.

That’s enough for now, but there is plenty more going on, especially on the music front.

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