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It has been a long time

So much changes in a year.  Creativity ebbs, resurges, ebbs again.  Politics has taken over my spare time, which is an odd thing to say.  Photography is an easy past-time, so it has stuck around, while music has fallen away.

August 31: I’m playing my first solo show in a few/many months at the Velvet Lounge in Washington, DC.  I’ll be opening for Tony Risotto.  His stuff is great.  Check him out:


OAKLAND SHOW – 9/3 – $5

I am playing a show in Oakland next week at The Stork Club.  Their website isn’t the most informative, but the show is September 3 at 9 pm.  It costs $5 and is 21+.  Here’s the show’s official flyer:


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Hello Baltimore


I am playing my first solo show in Baltimore on June 1 at the Sidebar.  It should be fun.  Come hear weird music.

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Thirsty & Miserable

I am playing a show on Saturday with a number of great musicians.  We’re doing it in honor of Jeffrey Prosser, a friend of ours who died suddenly last year.  It should be an awesome night.



Two Upcoming Shows

Over the past few years, I have cut back significantly on the number of concerts I play.  I’ve also added a couple of obstacles to ensure that my performances remain interesting and challenging to me.  One is that I use a different setup at each show.   The other, which is much less sustainable, is that I’ve used a new homemade synthesizer for each show.  After this year, I’ll retire both concepts.

Until then, however, I have two solo shows coming up.  The first is the Baltimore Electronic Music Fall Fest at the Electric Maid in Takoma, DC on October 25.  The second is an all-day show at the National Electronics Museum in Linthicum, Maryland on November 8.  More details, and flyers, to come.

Mind on the weekend

I am playing a concert in Brooklyn this Saturday.  It should be fun.  I’ll likely make a new synthesizer for the show.  If you’re in New York and want to experience some avant garde experimental music, come by and grab a beer with me.

Two upcoming releases

Jehf Jones (Dasto, Stupid Children, ex-Uphill Battle) and I are pretty much done with our collaborative album under the moniker RETIREMENT.  Now, we’re shopping it around and seeing what happens.  Jehf handled the low end and I handled the high end.  Both of us are really proud of the result, though it’s clearly not for everyone.  I don’t really know how the label thing works, but I guess I’ll learn the rite of rejection soon.

In other news, I dug up some noisy tracks from 2009.  They’ll be out on Fuzzy Panda by the end of the month under the album title Airport Mischief.  Airport Mischief consists of four variations on a very abrasive drone theme.  I recorded the four tracks in 2009, though I don’t really remember what airport.  I had been working in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama that year but also spending some time in Florida toward the end of the year.  I think these tracks are from before my Florida trips and could very well have been made in connecting airports.  I think the possibilities are narrowed to ATL, ORD, CLT, CMH, MGM, and RDU.

Sonic Circuits

I’m playing a show on Saturday at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring, MD.  It’s going to be great.  I’ll be using two or three homemade synthesizer drone boxes and a Korg Microsampler alongside a few effects pedals.

Scott Walker designed a pretty amazing poster for the show.  I’ll have some with me if anyone wants them.

What’s going on, big world?

I have a couple of shows coming up – one with Destroyer of Worlds (June 8 at Velvet Lounge) and one solo (July 13 at Pyramid Atlantic), which will be the first in over a year.

Last night, as part of a record club I’m in, I made this mix: 1995isms.  It clocks in just under an hour and spans electronic, hip hop, indie rock, jazz, and some other stuff.  Give it a spin if you need some tunes.  All of the samples of the child talking are from Shogun Assassin and were sampled on Liquid Swords.  

Lately, photography has taken a bit more of my spare time than music.  I’d like to do a photo project (is that what it’s even called?) on SW DC.

Music-wise, I’m working on some extra tracks for The Henchman’s War soundtrack, all based on music used in the film.  Also, Jehf Jones (DASTO, Stupid Children) and I are wrapping up our first collaboration under the name Retirement.  I hope both will be wrapped up by June.

If anyone wants to collaborate or book me, let me know!

Electro Redux

The night after I did my first vocoder track, I just had to do another.

This, too, is a work in progress.  It starts in the middle of the track and is about the Alamo, whether it be the mission or an alien robot dance.