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Razor Blades and Chocolate

I have the opening track on an awesome compilation. Check it out – it’s a mess of music for Halloween and just giving you the creeps.

Also featured are some friends (Crowhurst and Guillermo Pizarro) and some friends of friends.

It’s free, so that’s pretty cool, too.

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Jeffrey Prosser

Almost a year ago, a friend of mine died suddenly.  He made pretty amazing music and frequently donated his graphic design skills to musicians.  He was a really, really generous guy.  So generous that, shortly after his death, two memorial concerts were organized in D.C. and Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Now, some of his musician friends have put together a compilation in his honor, titled Thirsty and Miserable, a phrase Jeffrey was particularly fond of.

The compilation features twenty-one artists (twenty-two for the download version) who knew and loved Jeffrey, featuring both locals and musicians from farther afield. The artwork includes designs by Jeffrey, including art for flyers he designed to promote shows around the DC area.  Proceeds from sales of the compilation go to Bread for the City, a charity selected by the Prosser family.

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Last week, Fuzzy Panda Recording Company released the debut album from one of my bands. I had been working on an album with a gentleman in Ojai, California on a project called RETIREMENT.  Well, Fuzzy Panda finally released it.  It is now available for your enjoyment:

It’s a slow moving collection of tracks that I’m quite proud of.  It’s probably classified as ambient or drone, as it’s glacial and atmospheric.  It’s also one of the best things I’ve been involved with.

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Airport Mischief

This is a loud, abrasive noise single.  It comes out August 27 and will be free until October 17.  Enjoy.

Two upcoming releases

Jehf Jones (Dasto, Stupid Children, ex-Uphill Battle) and I are pretty much done with our collaborative album under the moniker RETIREMENT.  Now, we’re shopping it around and seeing what happens.  Jehf handled the low end and I handled the high end.  Both of us are really proud of the result, though it’s clearly not for everyone.  I don’t really know how the label thing works, but I guess I’ll learn the rite of rejection soon.

In other news, I dug up some noisy tracks from 2009.  They’ll be out on Fuzzy Panda by the end of the month under the album title Airport Mischief.  Airport Mischief consists of four variations on a very abrasive drone theme.  I recorded the four tracks in 2009, though I don’t really remember what airport.  I had been working in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama that year but also spending some time in Florida toward the end of the year.  I think these tracks are from before my Florida trips and could very well have been made in connecting airports.  I think the possibilities are narrowed to ATL, ORD, CLT, CMH, MGM, and RDU.

The Master

Jehf Jones, aka DASTO, is out with a new project: STUPID CHILDREN.  He is a fan of all caps, stating once that “caps lock is cruise control for cool.”

I mastered his debut, FUN COP.

It’s my debut of mastering without at least also mixing.


My most recent album came out on January 1st.  I have been terrible at promoting it since then.  So far, it’s the second most downloaded album for Fuzzy Panda since such things began being tracked.  Please, check it out, download it, and feel free to share it with folks who might enjoy it.

Homeless Mind Theory called it one of their favorite albums in the world a month ago, so check it out.


It doesn’t come out for 6 days, but it’s already been picked as a “favorite record in the world right now” by the Homeless Mind Theory blog. That’s a start, right?

In terms of streaming, MONUMENTS is the second most popular Fuzzy Panda release to date.  Hot diggity.  Though that is not really saying all that much.

I’m not sure how to get more reviews, positive or negative, but hopefully knowledge and appreciation of the album will spread.


New EP: Small Craft – MONUMENTS

I wrapped up sequencing and mastering my first solo EP since 2009 this past Sunday.  It’ll be released January 1, 2013.  I’m excited.  It’s ambient, reverb-drenched, a little intense at times, and should be enjoyed loud.  It’s called MONUMENTS and is done under the moniker Small Craft.

Small Craft – MONUMENTS

You can stream it here:

Dasto’s out with Music for Refunds

Jehf Jones is rocking out in his uniquely ambient way again.  Check out his sublime “Music for Refunds” and get it while it’s free.