DC Focused

I’ve started writing for DC Focused, a mostly photography-oriented site that also covers random goings on in Washington, D.C.  My first piece is about an interesting and semiannual phenomenon in D.C.: D.C. Henge.  It’s like Stonehenge, with its purposeful solar alignment, but instead it happens with modern building aligned on a N/S/E/W grid.

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Holy Mountain

Uxmal, the ancient Maya city, is one of the most important archaeological Maya sites.  I had the fortune to visit it in December 2014.  This is the main temple.


I managed to sneak away for a long weekend in Delaware.  Here are some photos I took, including an incredibly rare selfie (or two).



Shenandoah National Park and the Shenandoah Valley are beautiful any time of year.  These pictures are from a quick weekend trip in November 2014.


There is an expensive school a few blocks from my house that has beautiful landscaping.  It sits next to a nature conservancy in the city.


Resolution: take more photos in 2015.

Monday Night in DC

I’m doing a photo project involving night photography of people in otherwise empty places.  A DC photo site has been kind enough to repost my Craigslist ad! Check it out:  http://www.dcfocused.com/2014/11/07/volunteers-needed-for-mount-pleasant-photo-project/

If you’re in DC, come out Monday night and join in.  After, meet me at the Raven and I’ll buy you a beer if you tell me “beauclaus.”

My Flickr photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/beaufinley/


PS – is anyone else having issues getting links to work?

Two Upcoming Shows

Over the past few years, I have cut back significantly on the number of concerts I play.  I’ve also added a couple of obstacles to ensure that my performances remain interesting and challenging to me.  One is that I use a different setup at each show.   The other, which is much less sustainable, is that I’ve used a new homemade synthesizer for each show.  After this year, I’ll retire both concepts.

Until then, however, I have two solo shows coming up.  The first is the Baltimore Electronic Music Fall Fest at the Electric Maid in Takoma, DC on October 25.  The second is an all-day show at the National Electronics Museum in Linthicum, Maryland on November 8.  More details, and flyers, to come.

County Fair Edition

I visited the Montgomery County Fair this past weekend in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  It was great for quasi-street photography.

Sturm und Drang

These photos are from two different storms.  So far, I’ve found shutter speeds of .8 to 1.6 seconds work best for photographing lightning.  I prefer a lower ISO to keep down the graininess, but, since I didn’t manage to use a lower ISO in the above picture, I’m clearly still learning how to take pictures of lightning.