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Razor Blades and Chocolate

I have the opening track on an awesome compilation. Check it out – it’s a mess of music for Halloween and just giving you the creeps.

Also featured are some friends (Crowhurst and Guillermo Pizarro) and some friends of friends.

It’s free, so that’s pretty cool, too.

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Hello Baltimore


I am playing my first solo show in Baltimore on June 1 at the Sidebar.  It should be fun.  Come hear weird music.

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Last week, Fuzzy Panda Recording Company released the debut album from one of my bands. I had been working on an album with a gentleman in Ojai, California on a project called RETIREMENT.  Well, Fuzzy Panda finally released it.  It is now available for your enjoyment: http://fuzzypanda.bandcamp.com/album/retirement.

It’s a slow moving collection of tracks that I’m quite proud of.  It’s probably classified as ambient or drone, as it’s glacial and atmospheric.  It’s also one of the best things I’ve been involved with.

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