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Last show in DC for a bit

I have a show tonight.

Here’s the blurb from the Facebook event page:

1771 U St NW
Washington, DC

Once a month, The Ash Lovelies host a free all-ages singer/songwriter showcase at Dahlak. We feature short sets from various local singer/songwriters and indie bands. Thursday nights are school nights, so cool kids are encouraged to bring the laptops, tune-in to the free Wi-Fi, and do their work to the live music.
Current line-up of featured artists:
8:00 pm -The Ash Lovelies (VA)
8:30 pm -Mira Yang
9:00 pm -Flo Anito
9:30 pm -Beau Finley
10:00 pm – J RAUD
10:30 pm – Justyn with a Y

It’s free.  How about them apples and there’s nothing quite like playing as background music.



It fits in a drawer perfectly.

And, when I feel like making it into a noisebox, I get something like this.


Lenny Kravitz made a ton of money by simply ripping this song off.

Bus Gas

Amazing ambient experimental music out of Nebraska.

Check them out.

Improv synth

It’s a slightly disheartening feeling that creeps in when one fails to record a good track.  I only realized I’d missed a good one tonight as the loops slowly disintegrated.  So it goes.  Here’s an attempted recreation at an improvised fm synthesis tune.


My crew rolls international

A friend used to pick up change in my apartment and mock me for the shear quantity around.  Tonight, I needed some ginger for my bourbon.  I found some coins and hit the elevators to the soda machines.  Lo and behold, my coinage didn’t fit.  South Africa (aka Suid Afrika) don’t make no American monnnnaaaaay.

Whose money? No clue. I have at least seven countries’ worth in here.


My buddy Tom introduced me to Pteradon a few years ago.  Their EP, despite its odd mix, found itself a lot of play in my car and in my apartment.  Here’s their full length, for whatever donation you feel appropriate.  It’s solid.

Flashback: My Life as a Recording Engineer

In 2003, I owned a digital 8 track, an 8-channel mixer, and a computer with stereo inputs.  Much has changed, but I was getting into low budget engineering.  In August of that year, I recorded a band called the Ion Leaks.  My high school friend Paul was in the band.  Unfortunately, the band essentially broke up in my parents’ basement.  The high pressure of a “studio” where my mom made grilled cheese sandwiches will do that, I guess.  Regardless, I’ve held on to most of the recordings I made around then – I was much better at backing up files earlier in life than I am today.  On a whim, I decided to see if the near 8 year old disc with .wav files even worked.

It worked.

I will mix one or two of these tracks down for Paul’s enjoyment.  Maybe he’ll let me share one here.

Impulse Buy?

I got on a bit of a dubstep kick the other day… this isn’t the first time this has happened, but what’s weird is that I really dislike the genre, except for the wobbly bass, and only then if it’s bombastic.  So, I bought an Electribe EMX-1.

Maybe there will be some terrible dubstep tracks up here in a few days.